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Key Objectives

  • To ensure the client (Management Company) uses the most efficient
  • means of
        funds to secure ready cash for general maintenance and repairwork.
  • To take a proactive approach as opposed to reactive to managing client affairs.
  • To be specifically focussed on the Jewellery Quarter and surrounding area.

  •      Key Objectives to be acheived by
  • Holding "Focus Group" events with all clients.
  • Reviewing the development first-hand on a regular basis to ensure
  • maintenance
        companies are fulfilling contractual obligations.
  • Facilitating Service Level Agreements with service providers.
  • Using a predominantly web-based management system that will guarantee
        information is easily accessible by owners at all times, thus ensuring all parties
        are continuously informed.

  •      Services Provided

  • Assessing the level of annual maintenance charge by liaising with the
  • Directors and
        providing background detail and financial information to enable the maintenance
        charge to be agreed
  • Issuing maintenance charge notifications
  • Answering residents' queries on maintenance charges and any identified arrears
  • Proactively pursuing unpaid maintenance charges
  • Instructing debt collectors or solicitors in respect of unpaid maintenance charges
  • Liasing with residents querying arrears, and advising them of their liability or payment
        under the terms of the lease
  • Administering bank accounts
  • Recording payments received by both cheque and on-line banking
  • Controlling the payment of invoices
  • Maintaining all financial records
  • Providing accounting summaries to Directors
  • Providing progress reports to Directors with regards to the recovery of
  • maintenance charges
  • Obtaining alternative quotations for services as requested by the Directors
  • Liasing with the Accountants for preparation of Annual Accounts
  • Liasing with the Directors on the content of the prepared Annual Accounts

  •      Correspondence
  • Corresponding with Directors
  • Responding to residents' queries
  • Advising on Company Law requirements
  • Advising on interpretation of the content of the lease
  • Advising Directors in the extent of their authority
  • Liasing with maintenance contractors

  •      Meetings
  • Circulating meeting minutes held with Directors (where instructed)
  • Arranging Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings
  • Chairing Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings

  •      Contractors
  • Appointing gardeners
  • Appointing cleaners
  • Appointing window cleaners
  • Providing the contractors specification
  • Obtaining quotations for major items of repair and re-decoration
  • Monitoring of major contracts
  • Checking contractors have Public Liability Insurance

  •      Insurance
  • Valuation of re-building costs to be arranged for the sums insured
  • (Block Buildings Insurance)
  • Endeavouring to protect residents' interests where commercial freeholders
  • are involved
  • Monitoring major repairs under the Block Buildings Insurance
  • Implementing insurance claims for the communal fabric
  • Liasing with the Insurance Assessors, where applicable
  • Pursuing liability claims with properties (inside or outside the Company) where damage has
        been caused to Management Company premises

  •      Breaches of the Lease
  • Liaising with Directors where the terms of the lease are not being adhered
  • to by the
        individual residents
  • Advising residents involved in respect of any breech of the lease
  • Assistance with enforcement of the terms of the lease
  • Instructing and liasing with Solicitors where continual breech occurs.

  •      Site Inspections
  • Periodic inspections
  • Site meetings with residents where needed
  • Site meetings with contractors where needed

  •      General
  • Writing to adjacent property owners where trespass, nuisance or other problems are
        occurring from neighbouring dwellings

  • Arranging provision of additional items (signs, lights, etc.)
  • Writing to local estate agents in respect of unauthorised 'Sale' or 'Letting' boards
  • Liasing with new service providers (ie. Cable television)
  • Arranging 24 hour emergency service, where requested
  • Seeking to ensure the continuity of the management company with the
  • appointment of
        new Directors where others are resigning during the year
  • Arrangement of risk assessments to communal areas under Health and
  • Safety legislation

         Additional items subject to Agreed Additional Fee (Property Sales)
  • Responding to solicitors enquiries
  • Providing information on maintenance charges and any arrears
  • Providing copies of annual Audited Accounts (up to three years)
  • Answering solicitors' queries on the content of the accounts
  • Providing advice where deeds of variation are occasionally sought
  • Administering stock transfers forms where share transfers apply
  • Granting the approval of the Management Company for applications for
  • membership of the company
  • Granting the approval of the Management Company for the transfer for registration
  • Purposes with HM Land Registry
  • Providing copies of Insurance documentation

  •      Tenant Vetting
  • Establish which properties are let
  • Maintain and manage forwarding addresses for landlords
  • Engage accredited letting agents or initiate tenant vetting process
  • Provide tenants details (including sex, age & profession) to insurance provider
  • Work with insurance provider regarding any issues that may occur due to
  • change of tenants
  • Chase up landlords who have not informed the management company
  • regarding a change of tenancy
  • Apply agreed fee to landlords accounts that have made the buildings
  • insurance void.
  • Instructing and liasing with Solicitors where a breech

  •      Freeholds
  • Advising Resident Directors of apartments on the merits of collective
  • freehold purchase
  • Attending a general meeting for apartment owners to advise on the
  • advantage of freehold purchase
  • Advising on the general implications of the "Rights to Buy" the freehold under the
        Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 and the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993

  • Endeavouring to protect apartment owners' interests from the activities of
  • some freehold landlords
  • Help arrange financial package

  •      Under taking other projects
  • Creation of Annual Report
  • Car park permits
  • Investigating NHBC claims
  • Land registry disputes
  • Website Development

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