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Annual Management Fee Pricing Structure

JQ Asset Management delivers maintenance support via internet portal technology,
using a public domain provider. This allows JQ Asset Management to pass on cost
benefits and best practice functionality to our client base.

  • Price Model One

  • Client Directors approve all "Service Requisitions" (SR) via the internet portal and
    will notify owners of unapproved SRs. JQ Asset Management will complete the
    service order fulfillment process and close off the service requisition.

  • Price Model Two

  • JQ Asset Management will approve or deny SRs and inform owners of the outcome.
    Again this process will be driven via the portal. Escalations to Client Directors will
    be included if owners are unhappy with the outcome of their SRs.

    Each price option above is payable quarterly in advance.

    A full breakdown of the management service JQ Asset Management provides can
    be found in the "JQ Asset Management Services" document.

    Additional Charges
    To ensure we give the most costs effective service to long-standing owners, we
    have excluded a number of items from the annual management fee highlighted

  • Communication Channel

  • A surcharge will be incurred by owners who do not wish to use the internet
    portal as their main means of communication. The surcharge will not be part of the
    yearly management fee but will be payable by the individual owners.

  • Property Sale

  • Property sellers at point of completion will incur an administration fee.

  • Tenant Vetting

  • An administration fee for each new tenancy agreement will be charged to landlords.

  • Projects

  • Projects will be priced accordingly, examples being freehold purchase, car park
    permits, investigating NHBC claims, etc.

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