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"Accountability, Responsibility and Visibility"

JQ Asset Management is a recently formed company (July 2004) that specialises
solely in the management of residential management companies within
Birmingham's prestigious Jewellery Quarter. JQ Asset Management is an
organisation with an emphasis on service delivery and community partnerships.

The company was formulated as a result of a large gap in the services market.
Although the company is relatively new, the Directors of JQ Asset Management
have a number of years experience in successfully managing and transforming the
fortunes of a large development that lies within the Jewellery Quarter’s "Golden
Triangle". The Directors of the Carpathian Court Management Company Ltd
(namely The Carpathian & Carpathian Court) tried in vain for over three years to
to work with a remote based managing agent. During the last year it become
apparent that in general, managing agents who reside outside of the Quarter or who
have multiple business interests (such as estate agents) do not have the passion or
or the heart to support the level of service that a property owner should demand.

After full investigation into the management services on offer a number of
trends emerged:
  1. Remote managing agents
  2. Multiple business streams
  3. No knowledge of the Jewellery Quarter
  4. No use of local resource
  5. No partnerships with community schemes
  6. Fee structures based on turn-over
  7. Fundamental activities not covered
JQ Asset Management is operated locally with only one business purpose, that of
managing residential management companies within the Jewellery Quarter.
JQ Asset Management leverages community relationships to provide its residents
with a higher standard of living; so far these relationships include the
Jewellery Quarter Community Web, Neighbourhood Watch, Regeneration Partnership
and Jewellery Quarter Association.

JQ Asset Management selects, where possible, local resource as service providers.
Not only does this allow for proactive service, but it also keeps revenue within the
Jewellery Quarter, thus allowing neighbouring businesses to prosper (this in turn will
support overall property values).

Unlike the fee structures of most managing agents JQ Asset Management’s is “flat”.
Managing Agents who use a “percentage” based pricing mechanism have no incentive to
manage client funds; in fact the contrary is unfortunately the norm, the more the managing
agent spends on your behalf the higher their fee! Also most managing agents do not
differentiate between owners who use their services. JQ Asset Management ensures an
effective service by removing costs from its core pricing model that are above and beyond
what a long term responsible property investor should pay. This will benefit long-term owner
residents and landlords who have long-term tenancy agreements in place.

It is the intention of JQ Asset Management to provide other developments with their
successful blue print; portal technology being a key factor. The use of the internet
will enable development networking and provide a forum for inter-development discussions
and activities. No longer will developments within the Jeweller Quarter resemble islands
but a network of highly communicative collectives.

The Directors of JQ Asset Management are extremely passionate about the Jewellery Quarter
as a whole; to this end they remain unpaid. The Operations Manager of JQ Asset Management
is also heavily involved in promoting the area, her other posts include Jewellery Quarter
Community Web Membership Secretary and Jewellery Quarter Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator.

If you would like to receive more information about JQ Asset Management
please email: enquiries@jqam.co.uk

Telephone: 0121 288 3341 | www.jqam.co.uk | enquiries@jqam.co.uk
9-11 Vittoria Street | Jewellery Quarter | Birmingham | B1 3ND

Registered in England and Wales: 5179134